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Because You're Worth It

Everyday, women all over the world wear makeup​ that is filled with synthetic chemicals and toxins that are damaging to the body.


These chemicals disrupt the hormones and are known neurotoxins and carcinogens.

Well now you don't have to sacrifice your health for beauty!

Young Living have released an entire range of makeup that is free from all the nasties by using only the purest plant based ingredients and essential oils.  This is a high quality makeup range that is used by professional makeup artists all over the world.  It is simple to use and gives a flawless finish.


Whether you want to go all natural or glam it up at night, Savvy Minerals by Young Living is for you.



 A Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit

Cool 2

 Foundation Powder - Cool No. 2 (Colour Code: 101)

 Blush - Smashing (Colour Code: 504)

 Eyeshadow - Crushin' (Colour Code: 404)

 Eyeshadow - Residual (Colour Code: 401)

 Eyeshadow - Best Kept Secret (Colour Code: 400)

 Lip Gloss - Abundant (Colour Code: 600)

 Misting Spray

 Foundation Brush

 Lavender essential oil 5ml

 Product Guide

 Price List

 Savvy Minerals brochure





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