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Oily FAQs

What are essential oils and how can I use them?  
Essential oils are the life blood of a plant, or its immune system.  You can learn about application and dilution here.

What is a carrier oil?
A carrier oil is a vegetable based oil (coconut, olive etc.) that is used as a medium to blend essential oils together for topical application.  Many of our essential oils do not need to be diluted with a carrier oil, however if using for larger areas such as in massage, or for particular skin sensitivities, it may be best to use a carrier oil.  We recommend and use V-6 as it is aromatically neutral and feels beautiful on the skin.
Can essential oils be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Most essential oils can be used to support a woman emotionally and physically during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however we feel it is important that you talk to your midwife or a health practitioner who is experienced in essential oil usage prior to use. It is generally recommended to avoid overuse and excessive use of Clary Sage, Sage, Idaho Tansy, Hyssop, Fennel and Wintergreen. 

Are essential oils safe for kids?
Kids love essential oils and we love using them on our kids!  We teach all our members how to use essential oils safely on their kiddos.
Why Young Living?
They are the only brand that I trust to use on myself and my family.  They have been around for over 29 years and are the world leaders in the field.  Their Seed to Seal process is what sets them apart.  You can learn more about why we only choose Young Living here.

I want to get my own kit of oils, how do I get started?
You can learn more about our community and how to purchase your kit here.

Membership FAQs

What does it mean to join the Fleur Essentials team?  
When you join our team you are joining a community of passionate essential oil users.  You will be added to our secret online Facebook groups where we talk about how to use oils, how to live an oily lifestyle and how to share with your friends.  There will always be someone to answer your oily questions and give you some inspiration.  You will gain access to an exclusive password protected site that contains tools, resources and a business mentorship program to help you maximise your account.  You will be invited to monthly online classes, exclusive product education days, Q & A sessions and FB Live hangouts.  From the very beginning you will have one-on-one support to help you get the most out of your investment.

Do I have to sell oils if I join your team?
No, not at all! We never pressure anyone to 'sell oils' and in fact we don't teach our members to 'sell oils'.  You may find that you naturally start to get others approach you though, wondering why you look and smell so good!  And if this happens you can easily show them how to get their own oils.  If you intentionally want to earn an income with Young Living, the opportunity is there, but it is most definitely not a requirement of being a member of our tribe.  We love all our members equally!

What if I buy my oils and don't use them?
It breaks our heart when people don't use their oils, so we've come up with a strategy to get you set up and loving them right away.  We have loads of things in place to help you to become more confident in using your oils and we'll also gift you a welcome book that has info and recipes to help you get started. 

Do you offer discounts on the Premium Starter Bundles?
The Premium Starter Bundles are already heavily discounted (which is why they are such a bargain!) but at times we do offer signup incentives to help as many people get these awesome oils and products into their hands.  Keep an eye out on our Instagram and FB Page for any promos we might be running and if you really can't wait, send us an email and we may be able to work something out for you.

Can I start earning money straight away?
You sure can! That's one of the perks of being a wholesale member.  Every time you help someone else purchase oils, YL will pay you. In fact, some people earn their money back before their own kit arrives! We will send you all the info you need to start building your business and will plug you into resources that will help you grow.

How much money can I make?
You can make a little or a lot with Young Living.  The potential to earn all you need and more is incredible.
Check out the IDS here + the Compensation Plan here.

I live in XXXX country.  Can I still join your team?
Of course! We welcome members from all over the globe.  Just be sure to choose your country when you sign up!

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